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The Cottage Library

The written word is a gift that passes life from generation to generation. Vintage Books are so much more than the retelling of a story. There are lessons to be learned and things we need to know. They expand our mind and inspire our creative nature. The word has been a gift to humanity from the very beginning.

Then I would ask you to step back for a moment from the words and think about the craftsmanship involved in bookmaking. Throughout history it has taken skilled hands and master makers to produce a single copy. First by hand with carefully scribed calligraphy on hand made parchment. As time moved forward it took the combined efforts of inventors and authors to put ink to paper and spread yet more word. It took artist to produce beautiful graphics and illustrations. Hard back covers bound with fabric and pages carefully bound into a tight spine. The inside of the covers were just as beautiful with hand painted pictures and beautiful marbling. Can you tell I have a thing for books?

Please browse through my selection and see if something catches your attention and makes you want to see what is inside those pages. You are most welcome to ask questions before purchase. You are a stepping stone on a books journey. Most of them long outlasts the author, the maker and the reader. Jot a note in a well loved book and leave a message for someone you will never know.


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