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Mary Meade's Magic Recipes, Ruth Ellen Church

Mary Meade's Magic Recipes, Ruth Ellen Church

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Mary Meade's Magic Recipes - a cook book for the electric blender by Ruth Ellen Church 


This is a wonderful throw back cook book that highlights the rise of the electric appliance kitchen. But when you read the recipes you see the dawn of smoothies and health drinks and recipes incorporating blended ingredients folded into rich batters. Electric blenders made it so much easier to puree and strain fruits and veggies in preparation for recipes.


The recipes include dishes both sweet and savory. Entrees, stews and bread recipes, all of course with some ingredient have to be blended. The photographs are great examples of style and processes of the time period. The images are glossy and solid white on the back. 


There are 372 pages including index and glossy images. The vintage cook book has its original dust jacket that is in fair condition with no tears, but edges are worn and soft. Colors are good. The hard back cover is an exact copy of the dust jacket and is in very good condition. The book is 8 inches tall, 5 1/2 inches wide and 1 1/4 inches thick.


* I have only 1 copy of this 1965 vintage cook book for sale at the Time Keepers Cottage.


*The flat rate price of $12.99 includes the $7.00 shipping any where in the US.  

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