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Lovely Vintage Blue Enamel Trinket Cox

Lovely Vintage Blue Enamel Trinket Cox


Lovely Cobalt Blue Enamel Trinket Box with Pansies


 Wonderful things hide away in small boxes! These wonderful little vintage trinket boxes become storage for jewelry and special momentos. 

 This Gold Tone round jewelry box is banded in embossed metal trim with a  gold hinge and floral gold clasp. The Cobalt Blue enamel background highlights the raised pastel enamel pansies that sit on top. The little garden has its own ladybug and is accented by seed pearls.


It is approximately 2 3/4 inches in diameter. It bears no hall marks. It is in very good condition with well working secure hardware.

 Do you need a special package for a special gift?


 FREE delivery in USA!



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