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Hand Painted Porcelain Tea Pot Circa 1954

Hand Painted Porcelain Tea Pot Circa 1954


Lovely Hand Painted Yellow Roses on Porcelain by Olivia Herron Bagwell in 1954


🌾 Its just a joy to find an unexpected clue to the past of an heirlooom piece. Admired as an art object and occasionally stunning when filled with real roses, we didn't realize it was signed until it was to be packed away. Olivia left us a trail to learn about her.


🌾 The teapot is painted in bright yellow with a palette of soft pastels that create the bouquet of southern blooms that grow around the teapot. The impressionistic style creates a scene you can almost smell. The teapot is 6 inches tall and measures 9 inches from spout to handle. The pot is 7 inches in diameter and sits on a 4 inch footed base. The mouth of the pot is 3 1/4 inches in diameter. The porcelain piece weighs in at 1 pound and 13 ounces.


🌾 In 1933 as a member of the Georgia Appalachain Trail Club Olivia, with 3 other friends were christened the Four Foolish Women when they undertook a 4 day hike alone on the trail. The group of friends made many more accomplishments to their credit and stayed lifelong friends. The last photo I found was the four in 1980 at a reunion of the trail club.


🌾 There is an article and photos of Olivia and her friends in the book "Along the Appalachian Trail: Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee" By Leonard M. Adkins on page 29.


🌾 I think she would be very proud that her beautifully painted teapot was still drawing attention. Perfectly made for frilly southern blooms!

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