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Hand Braided Porcelain Bowl with Dahlia's

Hand Braided Porcelain Bowl with Dahlia's


Sweet White Porcelain Bowl


Hand building clay vessels is a timeless process dating back thousands of years. Some of the most delicate and beautiful work was created by masters in Europe and Asia using skills passed along the generations. The areas of Romania and Transylvania produced fine works with ample access to clays suitable for porcelain. The pure white bisque would be accented with art work from artist who were skilled with a brush as well as the hand. Production potteries produced works with each piece is signed by the maker.


This wonderful bowl is braided in the star and hearts pattern. The intricate basket weave accent by the linear design the star. The center show piece features dahlia's, putting this old fashion yard flower on display. The white bowl is 6 1/2 wide and 2 inches deep. It would look lovely in a china cabinet or on a vanity table. 


I have always thought wedding gifts should be something they would love to have but wouldn't buy for theirselves. Something bought just for the joy of it. This sweet keepsake plate would be perfect for marking a special occasion. Especially for someone with appreciation for hand made treasures.


Includes Carefully packed shipping to your address in the USA. 




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