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French Ivory Celluloid Rouge Pots and Perfume Bottle

French Ivory Celluloid Rouge Pots and Perfume Bottle


Antique Vanity Jars with Their Original Glass Liners

This is a set of seldom seen French Ivory Vanity Jars in very good condition. The butter yellow french ivory pieces have no discoloring and the lids on the rouge pots fit well. The glass liner is clear and scratch free. 

The art deco shaped perfume bottle is very unique with its original glass bottle. It has lost its topper and I am not sure what it looked like because the bottle top is not threaded for a screw type top. Finding a "new" one could be a fun creative project.

These are great pieces for someone accumulating a collection for them selves or in a B & B with a vintage vibe. I can think of lots of uses for these little lidded pots. The pots are approximately 2" x 2". The perfume bottle is approximately 3" x 2 1/2".



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