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Antique Sheffield Cutlery Set NIOB

Antique Sheffield Cutlery Set NIOB


Unused from 1930, Washington Forge Cutlery Set Made In Sheffield England


How in the world does something stay tucked away in its original box for 90 years? Time has been good to this high quality cutlery set made in Sheffield .


The high quality stainless steel blades by Washinton Forge are bright and hallmarked with the mark of the bladesmiths at the Forge. The butterscotch bakelite handles on both the 3 piece carving set and the steak knife set have deepened to a rich butter yellow. 


Measurements approximately:
Carving Knife - 13”
Carving Fork - 10.5”
Sharpener - 12”
Steak Knives - 8.75”


The set is packed in its original white and gold faux leather case with a peach velvet lining. The top holds the carving knife, fork and sharpener. The bottom pull out drawer holds 6 steak knives.

The hinged top is secure. One corner of the top of the case is torn. See the photos.


Your cost for this wonderful, getting hard to find set includes carefully packed and insured delivery to your address in US.



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