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Antique Magnifying Glass with Horn Handle

Antique Magnifying Glass with Horn Handle


Functional and Beautiful Handmade Looking Glass


Using materials that are available folks turn ordinary objects into wonders.


I have to offer a well made magnifying glass. The glass is set in brass with rubber seal. I believe it is 5x but there are no markings. The glass has 2 minor specks in the glass that are not a hinderance and proved impossible to photograph. The looking glass screws into the horn base.


The horn is mostly satin black with streaks of a pearl white color and some thin gold streaks. They tend to be most visible as the light shines on the horn. The magnifying glass is approximately 15 1/2 inches in length. The horn ranges in thickness from 2 1/2 inches down. The diameter of the looking glass is 5 inches.


This glass works very well and gives a clear view.


Your cost INCLUDES carefully packed delivery to your address in the US.



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