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Antique French Ivory Celluloid Hair Receiver

Antique French Ivory Celluloid Hair Receiver


French Ivory for Collectors of 1920's Era Dresser Boxes


In the 1920's the process of making celluloid fiber products was the beginnings of modern day plastic. Celluloid was lighter in weight than Bakelite with the same color palette as natural Ivory. It also had a translucent quality which was an asset to makers.


Many of these pieces were sold as gifts for sweethearts before young men signed up for WWII. Today they have become highly collectible and repurposed into more modern uses and vintage decor.


This little box is a ladies hair receiver. Hair from brushes was stored in the box and could be used for anything from handmade jewelry to birds nest. These were days of no waste.

The celluloid box has a scalloped edge lid. It is approximately 6 inches in diameter and 2 inches deep. It is in good condition with no damage or time discoloring.


This antique box could be reused in many ways. Your cost includes carefully packed shipping.



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