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Woman with a Sword - 1948 Civil War Novel

Woman with a Sword - 1948 Civil War Novel

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Woman With A Sword - The Story of Anna Ella Carroll by Hollister Noble - 1948 


This is another special edition published exclusively for the Peoples Book Club of Chicago, Illonois. Originally published by Double Day and Co. These types of literary offerings made the world of books more available.


This story is based on the true life of Anna Carroll and her part in the story of the civil war and its history. The book is filled from cover to cover with well written word and historically documented facts and events. On page 397, Mr Noble recounts the story of how he found the story of Anna Carroll buried in the writings of a suffrage publication. It is a wonderful journey through an important and difficult time in the growth of our nation. 


The hard back cover is time worn on the edges and corners. The deep brown fabric show only slight signs of the print on the binding. The pages inside are in good condition and has about the expected amount of foxing. I love the thick soft paper stock that was used in the printing of these vintage books. I think it is the reason that some have survived the years. The inside and back side cover has a beautiful vintage watercolor painting that is still very rich with color. 


If your love old books and history you will love having this book in your collection. This is a good one to pass around and share with others who enjoy reading like you do.


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