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Washington Forge CutlerySet

Washington Forge CutlerySet


Unused Beautiful Sheffield England Cutlery Set with Carving Tools and Steak Knives


🌾What a joy to discover something old that is brand new! Carefully stored away in its original box was a 3 piece Carving Set and 6 Steak Knives with rich butterscotch bakelite handles.


🌾The carving set includes a Knife, Fork and Knife Sharpener. The 6 steak knives are stored in the bottom drawer of the white faux leather box.


🌾The box has gold accents along its hinged top. It is lined with a soft peach velvet material. The box has a faux white leather covering with a cardboard base. The lid has one corner that has worn and separated.

🌾The color on these handles is just wonderful. Protected from the light all these years they have deepened to a rich butter yellow. The blades made by Washington Forge are shiny and unblemished. They reflected the leaves of my 100 year old apple tree like a mirror.


🌾Measurements approximately:
Carving Knife - 13”
Carving Fork - 10.5”
Sharpener - 12”
Steak Knives - 8.75”

These sets only get more Rare with the passing of time. 



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