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Vintage Women's Day Audubon Bird Prints

Vintage Women's Day Audubon Bird Prints


Vintage set of Audubon Art Prints, Suitable for Framing


Art prints have been a wonderful way to share beautiful works with those who love to collect. Audubon has been one of the main sources for art depicting all things flora and fauna. 


This Woman's Day set originally had 8 prints. 4 song and Meadow birds and 4 Water Fowl. 2 of the water fowl prints are gone but the other 6 are still together in the original envelope. A series of these came out in the magazine that ads on the back. This set has blank backs and were printed to be framed.


The edges have some wear and tear damage on some of the prints. All damage is in the border area and could be covered with a mat. There is some minor darkening on a couple of the papers.

These are lovely in a grouping. The Timeless subjects are suitable for home or office decor. 


Free carefully packed delivery to your address in the US.



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