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Vintage Literary Novel - Gentian Hill

Vintage Literary Novel - Gentian Hill

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Gentian Hill by Elizabeth Goudge, 1949 - Coward-McCann Inc. NY 


The story in this vintage novel is the retelling of the legend of St. Micheal's Chapel at Torquay. The book is a mix of fiction, legend and facts about the region and events and notes that "It is quite true that a living child, clasped in her mother's dead arms, was taken from the waterafter the wreck of the Amphion. The wreck of the Venerable is also historical. The tower room at Cockington existed at this date as I have described it, and at one time was probably used as a priest's hiding place."


These wonderful old books with their soft yellow pages and skillfully printed words are treasures not to be taken lightly. They need nothing but a little care to long outlast the reader and be a carrier of story and history from generation to generation. One only needs a set of eyes to use them. No connection to anything needed. 


This book was once a gift and still has the original note dated May 1950, by the giver. The time aged yellow pages have that torn edge look to them and the page stock is in very good condition. Most foxing is along the page edges. The hard back cover is very faded, espcially on the spine, where damage from light has taken a toll. You can still see the original gold gilding. The cover is still firmly attached to the pages. 


There are 402 pages in this vintage book. It is approximately 9 x 7. It will be a wonderful book to share with fellow readers. 


*Only 1 copy of this 1949 vintage edition of Gentian Hill is available for sale at the Time Keepers Cottage Library.


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