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Vintage Circle Pin with Strawberry Blossoms

Vintage Circle Pin with Strawberry Blossoms


Sweet Strawberry Blossoms in Gold and Pearls


Circle Pins were a staple in all vintage jewelry boxes. Used as visual accents that served a function, they held things in place and drew the eye. Converter Pins were double the pleasure as they could be strung on your favorite chain or satin ribbon as a necklace or wrist peice. 


 This Gold Tone Circle Converter Pin has a wonderful summer time theme with gold strawberries alongside circles of seed pearl blossoms. The brooch is very detailed and in very good condition. It has a diameter of approximately 1 3/4 inches with a secure and working clasp mechanism. The pin is unsigned.


 Class at the Five and Dime is a collection of affordable jewelry that could be purchased at small local mercantiles and early chain stores like Woolworths and McCrory's. Even inexpensive was made with pride of workmanship and an artist eye. They are wonderful peices to have on hand in your jewlery box. Rethink the possibilities and use them as curtains pins and other home decor accents.


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