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Together - 1946 Edition by Katherine Marshall

Together - 1946 Edition by Katherine Marshall

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Together - Katherine Tupper Marshall - 1946 


Katherine Tupper Marshall is the wife of General George C. Marshall. In this annals of an army wife, Mrs. Marshall gives us a biography of the Brigadier General, who served as Chief of Staff of the United States Army under President Roosevelt. This literary offering leads up to the time just prior to our entrance into WWII.


This book is filled with first hand personal glimpses into their life and an accurate inside look at being a military family. This is a wonderful rare edition in very good condition with only a slight softening of corners on the hard back cover. The pages are very clean and print is sharp.


In addition to 296 pages of history and content, there is a section in the back with black and white photographs of historical moments and figures. WWII was an important and hard time in our country's history. Over 73,000 American veterans were MIA's in addition to the ones who were killed. Including Staff Sgt. Joel Matthews, whose purple heart hangs in honor on the wall of our family still today. 

Wonderful military literature such as this brings home the reality of the sacrifice of those who serve and those at home.


*Only 1 copy of this wonderful historical work of literature by Katherine Tupper Marshall, at the Time Keepers Cottage Library for Sale.


*Shipping is Free and Insured for this Vintage Book.


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