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Sayers Wooden Debt Collectors "Ticklers System"

Sayers Wooden Debt Collectors "Ticklers System"


Antique Accounting Record Complete with Wood Box and Paper work!


I love old boxes. This one was hinged on the long side which caught my eye. When I opened the lid to test the hinge I was amazed to find it full of paper. Further inspection revealed it was the complete unused set. All forms and cards are in near perfect condition. 


The reciept box was made as a counter top book keeping device. The set includes credit applications, monthly statement cards, advertising cards and the reminders or "ticklers". Meant to send to customers with late accounts to tickle them for a payment. The forms are dated 191_ , an indication that the set preceded 1920 at least.


Sayer company was a family owned printing company based in St. Louis at the turn of the century. I have run across several of the wood boxes in the past but never an unused complete set. This is a rare find of antique merchandising history.

The wooden box is 12" x 8" x 6" from light colored wood. There is edge wear from the years, one side has a split and is repairable. The hinge works well. All graphics are clear and bright. The set includes several hundred various cards and forms along with blue index cards and clips. 

The label on the lid guarantees results or your money back!


What an amazing piece for a collector or a vintage themed shop.


Your cost includes carefully packed shipping in the US.


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