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Roseville Pottery, 1951 Art Wood Vase

Roseville Pottery, 1951 Art Wood Vase


Mid Century Art represented in unique Vase


In the 1950's production potteries like Roseville introduced into their lines pieces that were meant to compete with the likes of Rookwood. One of Roseville's line was called Art Wood. Designs were botanical in theme and art deco in style. They were highly collectible at the time and still treasured for the quality and artistic forms.


This vase is a circular double welled flower vase. The glaze is a mottled gray tone with burgundy highlights at the base. The center depicts a tree section of tree trunk and a limb. The base is a warm yello underneath ans is clearly marked with the Roseville mark and item number.


As most Roseville pieces this has been well cared for and rarely used. The piece is very clean and has no cracks. There is a very small place on the rim that I don't think is damage. It looks like the glaze slipped and shows a bit of the clay underneath.


The antique Roseville vase is 8 1/4" inches in diameter and approx. 2 1/2 " wide.


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