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Porcelain Locket Pendant in Pink, Gold and White

Porcelain Locket Pendant in Pink, Gold and White


Wonderful Locket Pendent in Pink, White and Gold


This peice can add a little elegance to a look and hide a treasure inside.

Lockets can hold more than photos. Its a good place to hide a small bit of emergency money or other keepsake.


The Locket is 1 1/2 inches in diameter. It is approximately 1/4 inch thick with the hinge at the bottom of the pendent and gold clasp at the top. There are no markings on the piece. Other than some scuff marks on the inside it is in very good and shiny condition. The back of the pendent is etched in a guillioche pattern.

The flowers are in shades of pink with dark gold leaves and appear to be transfer work. Looking for a new chain to hang on!


Your cost includes carefully packed shipping to your address in the US.



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