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Pair of Green Opal Coin Drop Ear Rings

Pair of Green Opal Coin Drop Ear Rings


Elegant Set of Australian Boulder Opal Coin Drop Ear Rings in Silver


This pair of well cared for vintage ear rings are simple and stunning. 95% of all opals come from Australia with different areas producing varied colors. Boulder opals often have deep rich colors are in the Queensland and southern areas of the country. As with this pair artisan makers will take slivers and suspend the in resin that can be faceted for jewelry. 

On close inspection you can see there are 3 to 4 pieces of opal layered out to highlight the beautiful colors of the opal chips.


The coins are 1/2 inch in diameter and hang from silver tone drop loops. I could find no markings to indicate the silver was sterling.


Your cost includes carefully packed shipping in the US.



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