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Hand Made Wooden Bucket 1950's

Hand Made Wooden Bucket 1950's


1950's Hand Made Wooden Firkin 4H Project


Sometime in the 1950's Miss Mary Reier, from Muscatine, Iowa, was a member of the local 4H group known as the Wapsie Whistlers. One of their life skills projects was learning to make a wooden bucket. How wonderful!


Vintage things will give you clues to their history now and then. Send you on a hunt for details of when and where. Its a joyful thing with good rewards. A name search led to a list of possibilities but a search for the Wapsie Whistlers offered more clues. An article from 1959 in the Muscatine Journal gave details of a local 4H meeting of the Whistlers. There was Mary's name, who had given a talk on the correct use of measuring cups. It doesn't give her age at the time but it begins to give us a general idea of when, where and who.


The antique firkin was well made by Mary. It has been very well cared for and is in good condition with tight slats. The bucket stands 10 3/4" with the handle up. The bucket well is 9 1/2". The base is 9 3/4" in diameter with an 8 1/2" opening at the top. It has a nice patina. 


I think Miss Mary would be very proud that her firkin was still gathering memories as time passes. This lovely bit of history will come with a copy of the 1959 article in hopes that its new owner will continue to seek the story of the Mary and the Wapsie Whistlers.


Your cost for this decorative bit of history includes Free Delivery To Your Address In the USA




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