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Foxy Toy Co. Antique Spelling Board

Foxy Toy Co. Antique Spelling Board


Foxy Toy Company Green Enamel Tin Spelling Board


 🌾The Foxy Toy Company was located in Berea, Ohio at the corner of Lincoln Ave. and Columbus St. and began production in 1903 under the ownership of J. H. Fox. Mr. fox and his son grew the companies line from tin learning toys to include bicycles and other toys. They survived a devastating fire in the 20's as well as the stock market crash. The company closed in 1935. 


🌾These wonderful toys not only taught spelling and math but required thinking to maneuver the wooden tiles into the correct configuration. They have become quite collectible to vintage toy collectors and as vintage decorative pieces. 


🌾The round tin slate is finished in a hunter green enamel. There are portions of the original Foxy label still visible. All of the wooden alphabet and number tiles are present and readable. The Tin tracks have gotten a bit bent over the years but could easily be straigtened with a gentle hand. The tiles will move about as is. The wooden tiles have red letters and numbers. The tin slate is 11" in diameter. There are three semented sections and two cross tracks for moving tiles.


🌾 Its a wonderful piece of Americana. Your cost includes carefully packed shipping




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