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Father Flanagan of Boys Town 1949

Father Flanagan of Boys Town 1949

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Father Flanagan of Boys Town - 1949 - Double Day Publishing 


Boys Town Nebraska was the place where Father Flanagan, with earnest conviction, didicated his life to young men who were abandoned, came from shattered homes and who were pushed aside and ignored by many. He truly felt a true desire to seek the good in all. Over the years 1000's of young men were given a chance to know that some one cared enough to give them a hand up.


The book is a historical time line and accounting of life and events. It is filled with wonderful vintage photographs. The pages are in very good shape and very clean. The hardback cover has not faired so well and is stained badly on the back lower corner with red. The cover is a earth tone green that I am sure is a faded shade of the original color. The gold gilded text on the spine is very light faded but still quite legible. 


There are 302 pages between two lovely green and ivory map covered hard back bindings. The pages are still securely attached to the covers. There is no dust jacket for this book.


* Only 1 copy of this Vintage Edition of Boys Town is available for sale at the Time Keepers Cottage library. 


*Free Shipping in the US on all vintage books.

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