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Excelsior - 1955 Novel by Paul Hyde Bonner

Excelsior - 1955 Novel by Paul Hyde Bonner

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Excelsior - Vintage 1955 Literary Classic 


Books truly are timeless. The fragile paper on which carefully printed ink preserves creative word, somehow long outlasts the maker and the author. It is very easy to forget the skillful process of book making and the effort it took those authors of long ago to get something into book form. They were treasured for the art they were. Important things were stored in among their pages.


This novel takes place at the very begining of WWII. It portrays the perspective of people whose lives were so greatly effected by the war. And also the effects it had on the older generation that still carried the scars of WWI. These books give a view through a historical window of life at the time.


There are 279 pages to this vintage 1955 novel pubished by Charles Scribner's and Sons, New York. Printed in the USA. Most of the time damage on this book is fading and discoloring of the spine and edges of the hard back cover. The pages are soft cream with good corners and clean page behind the print.

It is a royal blue for the most part and is approximatley 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches tall and wide and a fat inch thick. 


*Only 1 copy of this vintage 1955 edition of Excelsior is available for purchase at the Time Keepers Cottage Library.


*Shipping is Free on all of our wonderful treasures.

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