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Discovering Music 1943 Comprehensive Reference

Discovering Music 1943 Comprehensive Reference

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Discovering Music, A Comprehensive Study of Music Through History


Printed in 1943 this was a well loved and well used text book filled with a very complete history and timeline of music, composers and evolution of sound. The book is filled with hand written notes and pages of pencil lined text. You can tell the syudent was vigilant and truly interested in the subject at hand.


The wine colored hard back cover is worn but intact and secure. The pages have softened to that beautiful eggshell color. The pages were so much thicker at the time and they almost feel more like soft cotton than paper. All pages are in very readable condition. The last page is a wonderful fold out chart of a timeline of musical history. One fold has crease wear but years of being closed have carefully preserved this lovely feature included in this text book. The cover has gold print graphics. 


This is a second edition printing by the American Book Company.

There are 470 pages of history, information and black and white photos of musicians and art. Authors are Howard D McKinney, Professor of music at Rutgers University and W. R. Anderson, Lecturer at Morley College London Critic of The Gramophone.

Bound and printed in the United States. The book is approximatley 9x7x2.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


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