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Collection of Vintage Costume Ear Rings

Collection of Vintage Costume Ear Rings


Cute Set of Vintage Black and Gold and Silver Costume Ear Rings


Nice trio of black and gold and silver Ear Rings to add to your wear with anything collection of jewelry. These are well made and simple in style. Classic shapes and designs on the 80's are still very popular today. 


There is a pair of art deco style squares with black enamel and gold banding on posts. The second  pair is black squares on silver hooks. Simple but classy. The third set is a pair of cloisonné posts with white lily blooms on a reticulated background. They have gold tone backs and posts. They are all in the range of 3/4 to 1 inch in size and in very good condition. 


Your cost includes delivery to your address in the USA.



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