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Cobalt Blue Cloisonné Bracelets

Cobalt Blue Cloisonné Bracelets


Lovely Set of Bracelets, Artisan Made


Cobalt Blue Enamel is the background color for the artisan work applied to these vintage bracelets. The outer surface of these pieces feature floral art designs in a balanced pattern. The flowers are multicolored pastels. They are eye catching to be sure.


Two of the bracelets are thin bangles. The third wider one is hinged and has gold trimming. It is enameled on the inner surface also. They are approximately 3 inches in diameter. The thin bangles are about 1/4 inch wide. The hinged bracelet is about 3/4 inches wide. It has a safety chain and is very well made. You can't have enough blue in your jewelry box.


Your cost includes delivery to your address in the USA.



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