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Bride of Fortune - Harnett T. Kane - 1948

Bride of Fortune - Harnett T. Kane - 1948

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Bride of Fortune - A novel based on the life of Mrs. Jefferson Davis 


Written in 1948 by Harnett T. Kane this is a novel about the life of Varina Davis, the wife of Jefferson Davis. Using Mrs. Davis' own letters and diaries as well as that of her husband and family, the author has wriiten a story of life as it was and life during one of the most important times in this countries history.


The book is printed by Doubleday publishing . The hard back cover is a beautiful baby blue. The front cover is clean the back cover has sun stripes. The corners are fairly sharp and boards are sturdy. The pages are dirt shaded on the edges but are in good shape inside. Time aged cream color pages are securely attached tot he binding. There are no illustrations. There are 301 pages of beutifully written text and history from a very unique perspective. There is no dust jacket available.


After 69 years it is still a wonderful read and documentation of the past. There is only copy of this wonderful vintage novel available in the Time Keepers Cottage Library. Don't wait too, long!


*Shipping is Free on this vintage treasure! 

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