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Artisan Made Ear Rings

Artisan Made Ear Rings


Set of Three Pairs of Eye Catching Ear Rings 


This set of vintage ear rings, collected during the 70's on a vacation to Mexico, was the chance to purchase wonderful works from local artisans made from regional elements.


The jewelry is fashioned from silver from the Alpaca region of Mexico. The artisans cut small tiles from abalone or Mother of Pearl to create mosaics set on black enamel or black onyx backgrounds. The contrast of the pearlescent colors against the black background edged in silver makes for beautiful jewelry.

This trio includes a nice pair of open oval dangles with floral accents. There are two pairs of longer dangles in tear drop and diamond shapes. The tear drops have abalone flowers. The diamond shapes have a solid pearl panel. They are in good condition with no missing tiles. The vintage silver needs a good polishing.


Purchase of these three pairs of ear rings includes delivery to your address in the USA.



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