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Antique Text Book Harbrace Hand Book of English

Antique Text Book Harbrace Hand Book of English

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Antique English Text Book Harbrace Hanbook of English - John C. Hodges 


This vintage English textboook is a complete reference for anything grammer related. I am sure it was used often as thesis and term papers were written. It has the character marks of a well used tool. 


The hard back cover is a deep red and has loosen in places from the spine and binding in the front, while the back cover is secure. I have looked throughout the book and can not find a date of publish.

The interior pages are a time aged cream and the paper is velvet soft. There are a few pages with ink written notes but not many at all. There are 424  pages with the index. The book is 7 inches tall, 4 1/2 inches wide and 1 inch thick. 


It would look lovely on the shelf and still be very useful as none of these gramme principles have changed over time. I have only one copy of this antique literary guideline reference available at the Time Keepers Cottage.


*Shipping is Free! Thats a great deal!



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