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Antique Hat Pins and Pin Vase

Antique Hat Pins and Pin Vase


Lovely Set of Vintage Pins with their own Pin Vase


Mini collection of Hat Pins from different eras. The pins are made from different materials and styles. Early pins were very fashionable and had longer pins of brass and gold. They got shorter during WWI as metal became a precious thing.


The embellishments include cloisonné beads, ruby glass and a large River Pearl. All have ornate spacers and enhancers. The River pearl is encircled by a set of smaller pearls. Each of the small pearls has a tiny hole like they could have been strung at one time. There is one small pearl missing. The ruby glass is encircled by a black enamel ring and is on a particularly well made stick. 


The collection and holder were together. The 5 inch jar has an ivory glaze with gold accents and a pink rose on the front. The candle stick shaped base is about 2 inches in diameter. Very clean and undamaged. 


This time collected set delivers for free in the US.



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