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Antique Frame and Art Print, Kathe Kollwitz

Antique Frame and Art Print, Kathe Kollwitz


Antique Print in a Lovely Antique Frame


To be quite honest my eyes were drawn to the frame first. The thick wood with rounded lines and ornate raised artistic elements certainly draw the eye. But the talent of the artist quickly caught my attention. The ability to capture the feeling of the moment is a true talent.


As I began to research the artist I learned about an extraordinary woman as strong as she was talented. As a German woman who opposed Hitler during the war. Most of her art depicted the plight of the persecuted and the horror of the realization of the danger her children were in. This is a rare work that caught a moment of pure love felt with a hug around the neck. Mrs. Kollwitz passed away in 1945.


The antique oval frame is approximately 15 inches tall and 13 inches wide and about 2 inches thick. The art work is on thick textured board and has the artist signature on bottom. The print has information about the artist and is from the Royale Academic Gallery of Fine Arts.


Cost includes carefully packed shipping



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