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Antique Arthur Pepper Dome Brooch

Antique Arthur Pepper Dome Brooch


 Lovely Dome Brooch with Faux Amber, Seed Pearls in Gold Tone Setting


 This is a very nice peice of early Arthur Pepper jewelry in a classic victorian style. The center highlights a Faux Cut Amber surrounded by a ring of pearl and jade colored beads. They sit in a well made gold setting. The findings are tight and secure. The Hallmark is clear on the back. The Pin is 1 3/4 Inches wide. Circa 1950.


  Arthur Pepper founded his jewelry company ART in New York City in the late 1940s.  we know that ART produced the last pieces in the early ’70s. 

 The materials used in ART jewelry were always of excellent quality. The basic technique was filigree metal work, and a combination of plastic, rhinestones, metal and enamel in the most unlikely combinations. 

 Almost all items (with the possible exception of the earliest works) are marked as ModeArt, Mode – Art or just ART, with the copyright symbol.


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