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1930's Flower Frog Collection

1930's Flower Frog Collection


Set of Vintage Floral Aids


Flower Frogs are wonderful creations that inspire and assist with your garden harvest. All beautiful arrangements need a little support! And these are cool just sitting there on a shelf!


Made in the 1930's this collection belonged to someone who could grow flowers in concrete. A shining example of a green thumb, she came from generational yard artists. She and her mother both were winners of many garden awards from garden clubs and junior leagues. With a yard full of heirloom blooms that included dinner plate dahlias, zinnia's, phlox and carolina jasmine the old home place looked like a showcase of natures art. Both tended the yard with great care and filled these frogs with lovely flowers that filled our eyes and noses.


I offer these with the hope that they will carry with them the secrets to growing a yard full of beautiful, lovely smelling flowers for the new owner. Play in the dirt! Every year you will get a little better at it. 


The set includes a 5 1/2 inch glass frog, a 4 inch glass frog and a lead bottom needle frog. All are in very good condition as they come from a time when things were well made and disposable was considered wasteful.


Your cost includes delivery to your address in the USA.



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