The Time Keeper

Mismatched Dishes and Dinner Plate Dahlias

Welcome To My Cottage. You will find here a boutique filled with vintage and antique treasures, artisan handmade products and jewelry to fill your special box. 


A Time Keeper is one who feels impressed to preserve the things that mark the passing of days and generations. Things in our lives long out last us and carry with them memories and stories. History will be forgotten without someone to pass it along and someone willing to listen. 

I was blessed with fine examples to learn from. 

Miss Hattie was known for award winning Dinner Plate Dahlias that grew among heirloom blooms and new "given by a friend" varieties in her yard.She passed her green thumb to Lulu whose yard nurtured clippings and transplants from 4 generations of home places. Mother and daughter shared a love for all things garden. Lulu was a story teller and a kitchen table poet. Every special day was celebrated with a message of love that rhymed. She talked as much as we would listen about all those who came before us. Telling stories of life and giving meaning to unfamiliar faces in old photographs. When Bambi's buttercup china is her antique table, I can close my eyes and smell heaven in bowl. I can hear the sound of southern women with drawls as sweet as honey working in a small country kitchen with a huge 40" stove with a deep well. 

Dovie Mae and Ethel could make anything from scratch. Cooking and sewing were arts of skill and love. Never ever owning a full set of dishes, the table was set with a mixture of collected patterns. Ethel had pieces of Bubble Gum China that came in boxes of bubble gum that was sold at the small country store they owned for years. One place setting collected a piece at a time each week from the grocery store or at a neighbors yard sale would make the tables look like a garden. Dovie Mae had almost a whole set of dishes that came one piece at a time in boxes of Duz laundry soap. I saw the joy they felt in appreciation for what God had given. Enough is a wonderful place to be when you don't have much to start with.

As time goes by things lose their way and new history is yet to be written. I hope you will find something here that stirs a memory as warm as sunshine. I hope it finds its way home to your house. That just seeing it makes you smile and think of another place and time. The things we choose to keep are the things that should come with more than just a receipt.

Things Good To Know

All items sold here ship Free to your address in the USA. I generally ship twice a week from the rural south. Most shipments travel USPS or UPS. I am not responsible for any adventure they have between you and me. I have learned to pack as safely as possible for the journey. Any item over $50 is insured. 

My prices are round figures. After years of shows and festivals you learn to eliminate jingle change. Personally 99 cents never made me feel like I was getting a better price! All items are sold as is. They will have signs of time and process. I try to take natural photos to show true condition. You are welcome to ask questions or for additional pictures before you purchase. Please contact me with any issues and we will see if there is a good solution.

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Rhonda, The Time Keeper